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"crazy" robin

Robin is a Female Yellow Labrador born on June 18 1999. Robin is owned and handled by Ida Griffin. Robin measures in at 32-inches tall and weighs about 53 pounds. 

Robin is a very active dog who enjoys hiking, surfing, dock jumping, flyball and playing with the chuck it. She is very sweet countered with a fierce competitive attitude. 


Robin competes in dock jumping and flyball. Robin has earned her Splash Dogs title at the competition in 2008 International Sportsman’s Expo held at CalExpo in Sacramento. She also won a ribbon for 22nd place at the Dock Jumping Competition at the Anderson County fair.

Robin holds her Flyball Champion silver title.  She is retired from Flyball as of May 31st. at the age of Ten.

She would love to keep competing but due to a heart condition her flyball days are over. She went out with a bang in her last tournament with Strike Force in May 30th and 31st 2009. 

She was a member of The Santa Barbara Flyers, The Santa Barbara Supersonics, The Gold Coast Flyers and Strike Force flyball teams.   Robin will continue to compete in Dock Jumping.