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Pismo off the box

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our Sunshine Girl

She was a sweet soul. Kind hearted and sensitive—not the typical description of a Jack Russell.  Always wanting everyone to be happy, she was the emotional barometer in the pack.  She would pace nervously when anyone was in distress, even if it was only while they got their nails trimmed. 

With her pony-like gate and happy, sparkling eyes she brought joy to her family and those who knew her.

And oh how she loved playing flyball! Anyone asking if dogs enjoy flyball just needed to see Pismo's face when she was running. They say dogs can't smile, but that is the only way to describe the pure joy in Pismo's face when she was playing flyball.   

She always played second fiddle to her older brother, Buddy, but never complained. She just needed a treat at the end of a heat.

Our plan was to run her in just one, single last race this year and retire her—she was that close to becoming a Flyball Grand Champion.  We know she has it on the other side.

Good bye sweet Sunshine Girl… Heaven is just that much brighter now.